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A Volunteer's Journey

Following the birth of my daughter in 2000, I suffered from post-natal depression, and after an array of other stresses and situations, it gradually became worse.  This is when I first became associated with Mind.  I was introduced by my daughterís health visitor who felt I would benefit from it.  This thought, itself, was daunting enough, but what was scarier was meeting strangers, as I also had a panic disorder which caused me to have frequent panic attacks.  After a phone call to the co-ordinator for info, it all went from there.

I remember it as though it was yesterday.  Petrified wasnít the word.  This is when I first met Carol.  I was wary of her at first Ė and she knew it Ė but it didnít stop her giving me advice.  I just stood there, 100% attitude and breathing down my sleeve to stop myself hyperventilating, which at the time, was all I knew.  We chatted about what went on at Mind, what could be offered etc etc.  The other service users introduced themselves and I began to feel at ease.

The support at that time was incredible in every sense.  I was made to feel welcome, and what seems to be for the first time in my life, completely unjudged.  

I became a regular at Mind then.

My panic disorder became worse, and after a while, I then became agoraphobic.  I lost all face to face communication, but my support from Mind never stopped, I was still able to contact them via telephone whether it was for reassurance (and trust me that was a lot) advice in general to help with CBT etc - they were there.  I began to realise I wasnít so isolated and alone as I thought.  This support and advice helped me to help myself and get better, for which I am truly grateful.

After getting well, I started to use the drop-in again for a catch-up, chats etc, and was then asked if Iíd like to volunteer.  I jumped at the chance.  From then on, itís what Iíve been doing.

Iíve been volunteering for almost a year now.  The experience has been eye-opening, varying from one emotion to the next, but none the less, I am thoroughly loving each and every experience that Iíve attained, whether good or bad.  The lessons I have learned are all amazing, the welcome from staff and service users was equally heart warming.  Iíve been able to help and advise others that are in the predicament I once was, plus in many other ways.  Reassure them, as I once was, that they also arenít alone.

Iím now starting training and gaining people skills to be able to work in the field of mental health.  Without Mind I wouldnít be where I am now.  I feel truly privileged to be part of it.